Admission Conditions Category III pupils

Pupils whose parents do not work for a European institution or agency are reffered to as Category III. They may be admitted to the European School if:

  • He/she has another nationality than the Dutch nationality and the pupils' parents, guardians or carers work in the Netherlands or the border area of the Netherlands on a temporary basis, or;
  • He/she has the Dutch nationality and was educated abroad for a period of two years or more, because of the fact that at least one of the parents, guardians or carers worked abroad for a limited period of time, or;
  • He/she has the Dutch nationality and at least one of the parents, guardians or carers, as confirmed in writing by the employer, will be working abroad for at least two years and within two years of admission into the school. The pupil will live with this parent, guardian or carer.

Category III pupils may only be placed upon availability.

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