Early Years & Primary Library

The library is located on the second floor of the school. It offers a collection of 4000 books, magazines and audiobooks in the languages taught at school.

The books are spread over different reading levels and cover a wide range of science, daily life, history, geography and artistic topics. A color and picture coding system help the younger pupils to find their way and the Dewey classification help the older ones to find non-fiction information.

All the classes enjoy one weekly visit to the library. Nursery pupils can take home one book per week and older pupils can borrow up to three books per week renewable once (free reading, L1 or mother tongue, Dutch or L2 books).

After 4 weeks being overdue, lost books shall be replaced or reimbursed by the families.

The online library catalogue can be accessed here.

Click on the small  olly icon on the top right hand side of the screen to access the Primary Library catalogue.

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