Language Sections

The European School The Hague Secondary School has three language sections: Dutch, English and French. Specific arrangements are made for pupils without a language section corresponding to their mother tongue (SWALS, or pupils without a language section).

Language 1 (mother tongue tuition)

We offer language 1 (mother tongue tuition) in the section languages, French, English and Dutch, as well as Spanish, Italian and German.

For SWALS, support in the language of the section in which they are enrolled will also be provided to bring them up to standard, if needed. 

Language 2 (first foreign language)

Study of a first foreign language (L2 or ‘vehicular’ language: French, English or German) is compulsory from the first year of Primary until the end of the fifth year of Secondary (S5). In accordance with the European Schools’ Rules the School can organise supplementary L2 courses in other European languages than English, French and German in S6 and S7, on the condition that the number of pupils justifies this.

In principle all language teachers are native speakers of the language they are teaching. Subjects in secondary school other than L1 language courses are taught by teachers who are native or near-native speakers.

In S3, human sciences and ethics will be taught in a ‘vehicular’ language – i.e. French, English or German- as well as the compulsory subjects History and Geography in Secondary S4 – S7. The economics option, which may be taken from S4, will also be taught in a vehicular language; French, English or German

Language 3 (second foreign language)

All pupils will learn a second foreign language (L3) from Secondary year 1, to be chosen from amongst the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Pupils will have the opportunity to study Latin from the Secondary Year 2.

Language 4 (third foreign language)

Pupils have the option to study a third foreign language (L4) from S4, to be chosen from amongst the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


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