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The Parents Teacher Association
Some of you may be unfamiliar with what the Parent Teacher Association — generally referred to as the PTA — is or does. Let’s start with the fact that every parent or guardian of a primary student attending the ESH is automatically a member. As are all the primary teachers. Parents and teachers: we all make up the PTA.

And what does the PTA do? First, and foremost, the PTA is there to benefit the school community. Through the PTA, we can have our voices heard, make contributions to the school and organise various activities for the children and families to build our community or just to have fun.

The PTA holds open meetings throughout the year that every parent is invited to attend to discuss school related issues and plan the different events we organize. These meetings are also attended by school representatives, giving us the opportunity to work together and have clear communication.

One of the greatest things about the ESH is our diversity - and that is reflected in our PTA. Maybe this is the first time you have had a PTA in your school, or you’ve never been involved before. Perhaps you have lots of previous experience. Whatever your position, your participation is valued. 

For most of us, English isn’t our first language, so please don’t let that stop you. Our goal is to get as many voices involved as possible, with as many accents.

The new PTA board is :

Edwin van der Meerendonk (Chairman)

Alexandra Lavrador (Vice-Chairman)

Jurga Martinavičienė (Secretary)

Magdalena Bamière (Treasurer)

Luce Vial-Riondet (Class resp Coordinator Communication)

Nel van Silfhout (Staff representative Primary)

Corina Stanescu (Staff representative Secondary)

Anna Lamslag (Graphic Designer)

Karola Cavaler (PTA board member)


Throughout the year the PTA organizes activities for our children and the school community. We need your help to make these events happen.

While some activities don’t take much organization, some, like the Summer Fair, need the support of many. If you can contribute your time, talent or ideas to help make these events a success, we would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to contact any of the PTA board members listed below for more information.


Below are the contact details for the PTA Board. Please feel free to contact them with questions or offers of help.

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