Signing the Covenant for the European School The Hague

On Wednesday 2 November the Covenant for the establishment of the European School The Hague in August 2012 was signed by the Minister of Education Mrs Marja van Bijsterveldt (middle), the Deputy Mayor for Education of the Mu

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Appointment of Directors

From 1st November 2011 the European School The Hague has had its own management:  Mrs. Marianne de Graaf and Dr. Marinus Jonkers have been appointed as the two joint-directors. They will prepare and manage the School.

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Rijnlands Annual Report 2016

The Rijnlands Foundation 2016 Annual Report provides a good picture of what the schools achieved during the past school year. Read more

Summer Fair 1 July

Last Saturday we had a great Summer Fair at ESH. All parents and children enjoyed the beautiful weather and all activities the PTA organised for them. Have a great summer holiday all!

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Euroclassica ELEX Vestibulum Exam

On Tuesday 16th of May the S4 Latin pupils who succesfully participated in the  Euroclassica ELEX Vestibulum Exam, which was organised by Euroclassica, have been awarded with their Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates.

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ESH students experienced Hockey Masterclass

ESH students recently experienced a ‘Hockey Masterclass’ from David Harte, Irish Hockey Captain Olympian and World's Best Goalkeeper for 2016. Our students were very proud, thank you David Harte.

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Vacancies Primary, Secondary and Staff

We are looking for new colleagues! Would you like to join our team? You can find our vacancies here

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